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It's Corona Time

We're back! It's been 7 months since our last episode 😱

Hiatus be gone... part two!

Well, it looks like the hiatus wanted revenge after we cursed it from the pod. Fear no more! Your favorite Business Time hosts are back for a chat.

Hiatus be gone!

We're back after taking an unplanned hiatus. It's been almost a month since we last recorded a podcast, so Chris and I spend most of our time catching up over the last...

It's Therapy Time!

Entrepreneurship can be an emotional rollercoaster. In this Episode, David and Chris talk about some of the challenges they've had this week despite having a "good" week.

Productize All The Things!

David talks about adding a productized service on top of Elsie, and Chris launches Jumpstart Pro!

Allow Yourself to Think

David and Chris catch up this week and discuss launch ideas for Jumpstart Pro. They revisit the idea of building an audience and speaking to your customers. Finally, t...

A Lifestyle Business is a Good Thing

In this episode, we chat about the lifestyle we want to live and the types of things we do to work towards it. We also talk about wanting to write more and the importa...

Accounting, Taxes, and LLCs with Jason Ackerman

In this Episode, Jason Ackerman, CPA joins David and Chris to discuss topics that might intimidate you when first starting your business. Jason shines some light on a ...

Experimenting with Pricing

In this episode, David talks about pricing adjustments for Elsie, and Chris talks about pricing out Jumpstart Pro.

Remember to Stretch

Remember to stretch before working out!

Things Are Looking Good

This week was great, and we're excited to see what's in store for us next week.

I'm in a Glass Cage of Emotion

David and Chris discuss the highs and lows of starting a business. David is back in the market for some freelance work, and Chris is never doing his taxes again!

Sell the Experience

David is getting ready to launch Elsie, and Chris announces a new product he's been working on!

Do Things That Scare You

David and Chris talk about marketing and the different ways to get started. Marketing isn't something that comes naturally to David, but practice makes perfect.

Maintaining Momentum - Part One

In this episode, Chris and David talk about building habits and maintaining momentum once a product has launched.

The Freelance Dilemma

In today's episode, David and Chris discuss needing to freelance while starting a business.

Down with the Sickness

We're back after taking a week off to fight germs. We talk about the products we're working on, good onboarding experiences, and tuning pianos. Oh, and a crappy attemp...

Slow and steady win the race

Yo! You haven't heard an episode from us ALL YEAR, now's your chance. In this episode, we talk about setting goals for 2019, and how we might make them stick. We also ...

Risky Business

In this episode, David and Chris talk about what it looks like to "do your own thing" and touch on the sacrifices that come along the way.